What is Letter from Amos?

Letter from Amos is the culmination of three decades of prayer and personal tribulation over issues of Christian leadership and church doctrine. Sometimes voyages of personal discovery can become very disconcerting and unsettling when issues arise that challenge certain basic personal assumptions. One of those assumptions is that the doctrines and truths disseminated from the pulpit and other official religious channels are inherently sound. The other is that leaders and shepherds will always set the interests of Christ and His Kingdom above their own personal interests. These assumptions are the basis for the intrinsic trust most Christian people vest in their leaders and shepherds.

However, these assumptions become difficult to reconcile when God begins to reveal new truths and the behavior of those leaders and shepherds  is in conflict. Centuries ago, Galileo rocked the Catholic Church when he determined mathematically that the Earth was not the center of the universe. Catholic doctrine decreed that all the heavens revolved around the earth. Galileo’s assertion challenged the authority of the church. Using threats and intimidation, the church forced Galileo to recant, however, history has since validated his original findings, and the Catholic Church has only recently acknowledged the fallacy of their actions.

Galileo, of course, is not the only person to run headlong into the restraints of religious oppression in the name of divine truth. What I came to realize is that there are many doctrines taught and held dear by many people that simply do not hold up to the scrutiny of the scriptures or to reason. I have particular concern over people who have been affected by the application of those ill-conceived doctrines, all in the name of Christ. Christ came to set men and women free. Christian religion often does the opposite, imprisoning men and women behind walls of doctrines, rituals and obligations.

I chose the name Letter from Amos because like Amos, I am no one in particular. I was a pastor of three churches in the United States and well educated in Christian doctrine, but I currently hold no religious credentials. Like Paul who found himself at odds with everything he formerly believed to be true when confronted by a heavenly vision, I found myself re-examining the traditions once held sacred.

Letter from Amos is intended to set the believer free from artificial constraints by pointing out the nonsense that parades as “divine truth.” Letter from Amos does not sponsor or endorse any religious group. Letter from Amos is a search for truth. Read it without prejudice and pray for us as well.

You may reach Amos at thelivingwordfellowship@gmail.com.