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There Is No King in Israel

A walk with God is a messy affair. The temptation for some is to establish order instead of walking by faith.

When Christian leaders position themselves as kings and their churches personal fiefdoms in order to impose a sense of order, serious issues are inevitable, and those sometimes can shake the believer to the core.

God’s intent was never for leaders to become the enforcers of a divine order. Rather God’s Laws were meant to be written on the heart. Continue reading

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Pastor Not Master

Divine order is a poorly understood concept. I am convinced that even those who teach it, who make confident assertions about how it works (or should work), have no idea what they are talking about. It is always easy enough … Continue reading

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Confirmation or Permission?

There are a plethora of fallacies concerning the principle of confirmation. Of all the topics that have been incorrectly taught, often from the pulpit, submission and confirmation are preeminent among them. God instituted these principles as a safeguard for His … Continue reading

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Light-Bearers or Pall-Bearers?

Everything that God does even what He did in the past and has since discarded, begins in glory. There are many wonderful stories in the Book of Exodus about the exploits Moses performed against the Egyptians and later with the … Continue reading

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Shepherd by Example Not by Mandate

When a scriptural principle is incorrectly applied, or applied with a wrong spirit, the result is spiritual death. Nothing illustrates this problem more clearly than the way the Pharisees and temple leaders imposed the Law of Moses upon the Jews. … Continue reading

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