The Coming Perfection Experience

Jesus was tempted just like us, but He did not sin. Every one of us, no matter how hard we try, has sinned and will sin again in the future. Our intentions, good or bad, do not matter.

Why was Jesus different? It has to do with His nature. He was incapable of sin. Understand the implications of that statement. Even if He wanted to, Jesus could not sin.

Contrast that with our experience. Even if we do not want to sin — we sin. We are incapable of not sinning. It does not seem to matter whether we are Christian or not — sin it seems is inevitable.

The book of Romans writes at length about the battle we face with our nature. Paul laments that the good that he wants to do he does not do. But he also gives thanks because he writes that Christ came to deliver us from the body of sin and of death.

History describes the experiences that Christians have been blessed with. The salvation experience, the born again experience, being filled with the Holy Spirit, some experience healing, others visions and dreams.

What I believe is coming is a perfection experience that will put and end to this war in our members. It is an experience by which afterwards, just like Jesus Himself we will no longer be capable of sin. The implications are profound because the struggle we face each day resisting sin will be over.

When will it happen, I don’t yet know, but I think soon and it will be the first step toward the redemption of our bodies. This mortal will put on immortality. God will put an end to sin and to death. It’s time.

Pen Qwill

Copyright (C) 2014 Letter from Amos

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  1. Mike Rickenbacker says:

    I seem to remember that there were at least three men in the Old Testament who went thru this process from the mortal to immortality! This speaks to me that you and I should be able to do the same as they when we walk pleasing in the sight of our God.

    Our perfection is based on our spirit, soul, and body being confiormed to the image of Christ with our will set to do the will of the Father as Christ’s will is !

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