A Word to the Living Word Fellowship

The word to Amos for the Living Word Fellowship at Palmer Lake,

You said in arrogance, “Like South Gate I shall never be.”

Defending your apostles whom I did not send, your chosen ones and your light bearers who have no light, you found enemies in every corner, and you turned away and slaughtered the sheep whom I loved.

They cried out but you would not listen.

And so, like Jeroboam one shall arise who will tear away your numbers and scatter the rest.

From your own midst, from the one you trust the most, shall division arise.

Your buildings shall be abandoned,

Some shall burn to the ground

And to another shall they be given.

The word to Amos for the churches of John that remain and call themselves the churches of the Living Word Fellowship,

Woe to the children who cherish their father’s sayings but do not follow them.

I sent you prophets but you would not listen.

I warned you, but you would not change your ways.

So I have hardened your hearts lest you turn and hear.

Like Ahab, I have given you prophets who lie to you with comforting words.

You will go out to battle, but victory will elude you.

I will remove you from your thrones, And I will deliver My people.

You call yourselves apostles, but I have not sent you.

Seating yourselves in the chair of the Apostle, you have forgotten his message.

My lambs gave themselves to you, and you oversaw their slaughter.

They cried out to you and you did not defend them.

So I will strip from you both the young and the old.

And the rest I will scatter.

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